“Kicks” MANUS Foot protector

$52.95 CAD
by Manus

With the foot gear from Manus, you are perfectly equipped to step on the mat. Usually, foot protectors, like the Manus model, do not have a solid sole but leave the underside free. This will give you a unique feeling of standing, as your feet have direct contact with the mat. Nevertheless, the Manus foot protectors sit safely and comfortably. They owe this to the wide and elastic rubber band, as well as the toe loops. The adjustable hook and loop closure is particularly strong and can withstand even high demands. With a wide range of colors, Manus brings more variety to the mat.


Additional advantages

  • Anatomically preformed
  • IMF foam
  • Faux leather surface
  • Firm grip & high protection
  • Available in different colors and sizes (Size chart)
Color - White
SKU: 5313-1002