Kickboxing uniform "Grafic"

$129.95 CAD
by Top Ten

With the kickboxing uniform “Grafic”, Top Ten has created a functional suit with many valuable details. On the shirt, you will especially notice the collar. With the sporty V-shape and the high passage in the neck, it brings both lightness and safety. The shoulder area is cut wide to allow your movements in full dynamics and speed. Together with the long pants, which fits perfectly through the wide and elastic waistband, you are fully equipped. Also when cutting the pants, Top Ten has thought of everything. While the loose overall fit makes it easy to "push through" protective gear, the narrow leg cuff prevents you from slipping up during your kicks. Visually, the kickboxing uniform “Grafic” has a lot to offer and is available in 6 different color variants.

Additional advantages:

  • Ultralight functional fiber
  • Woven Top Ten fabric structure
  • Sub Color and prints sublimated
  • Particularly resistant
    Color - White / Black
    SKU: 16831-19170