Karate-Gi "Kumite" (WKF Approved)

$89.95 CAD

"Kumite"- Gi is a light and cuddly karate suit made by Hayashi. The uniform is made of a moisture-conducting cotton blended fabric. The substance absorbs the moisture from the skin and quickly releases it to the ambient air. The functional material mix makes the karate suit easy to clean and dry out in no time. The classic cut and fit promise a unique wearing comfort. Due to the low weight, the Kumite karate suit lets you perform your movements and techniques fluently. With its soft brushed inside, the Gi increases the feel-good factor and does not leave even sensitive skin types in the lurch.

Additional advantages:

  • Mixed fabrics
  • Light, soft structure
  • Classic cut
  • Pants with lacing + elastic waistband
  • WKF Approved
      SKU: 025-1130