Kicks for Karate (WKF Approved)

$39.95 CAD

Foot guards are mandatory in World Karate Federation competitions. With the WKF-tested protectors from Hayashi, you'll be ready for the next competition. The model offers very good fit and stable padding made of highly compressed foam. Despite the excellent cushioning properties, your foot will remain flexible and your delicacy of feeling is hardly affected. If necesssary and the aid of a soft hook loop strap, you will be able to attach a shin guard from the Hayashi karate's collection. The ankle area is extra exposed so as not to affect your twists. With a strong hook and loop around the heel area and elastic toe loops, the karate foot protectors hold securely in place. The durable synthetic leather in red or blue is abrasion resistant and the WKF approved label is clearly visible on the instep.

Additional advantages:

  • Sturdy synthetic leather cover
  • Dimensionally stable padding
  • Full flexibility
  • Non-skid
Color - Blue
SKU: 330-6004