Head Guard “IMV” MANUS (WAKO approved Germany)

$94.95 CAD
by Manus

The head guard "IMV" from Manus, the baby brother of the "Avant-Garde" Head Guard model, is super light at only around 385 g and consists of injection-molded soft foam. The “IMV” protector is strapped under the chin with a "Hook and Loop" attachment, as well as in the back of the head, guaranteeing a non-slip fit and completely adapts to the shape of your head.

Additional advantages:

  • Made by TOP TEN
  • Super light material for optimized protection (PU Foam)
  • Production using the injection-mold process "IMV"
  • 3 different colors
  • Adjustments with "Hook and Loop" fasteners
    Color - Red
    SKU: 5043-4003