Boxing Gloves “WAKO”

$114.95 CAD
by Top Ten

Our “WAKO” boxing gloves have been the official competition gloves of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations since 2001. Designed in Germany, these gloves bear both the Official World Association of Kickboxing Organizations WAKO logo and the TOP TEN logo on the wrist cuff. The special padding in these TOP TEN gloves is made of the BAYFILL® material. These gloves are covered with top quality Genuine Leather and the palm with PU Rexion. They have a grip bar in the palm, padded lower-inner palm area as well as five perforations for cooling. 

Since the introduction of TOP TEN boxing gloves and the mandatory use of head guards to all AIBA, Olympic, World and other international boxing competitions, the knockout ratio has been reduced to under 1%. The extra volume in the padding not only protects the fighter while being hit, but it also provides extra protection for the hands and wrists of the puncher, as well.

Additional advantages

  • Official WAKO competition glove
  • Real leather gloves
  • PPS Superfoam
  • Color choice red or blue

Color - Red
SKU: 2011-4010