Karate-Gi "Kinsa"

$49.95 CAD

With its natural powers, the karate suit “Kinsa” by Hayashi supports and protects you. With a cotton content of over 60%, the Kinsa is a high-quality product and is perfect for sensitive skin types. Since cotton can absorb more than twice its own weight in moisture, without being immediately dripping wet, the fabric also meets the athletes' demands in the sports sector. With its typical straight and loose cut, the “Kinsa” Karate-suit leaves nothing to be desired in terms of fit. As an all-around Gi Hayashi has made the suit in child-friendly sizes. Thus even kids from a height of 110 cm are perfectly equipped.

Additional advantages:

  • Functional material with over 60% cotton
  • Typical sectional shape
  • Classic lacing on the jacket
  • Elastic waistband pants
      SKU: 021-1180