Head Guard “Avantgarde” (WAKO approved) without chin and cheekbone protection

$149.95 CAD
by Top Ten

Made from innovative PUR foam material, it offers the best protection, thanks to its superb impact absorption properties. The forces are immediately absorbed by the air molecules inside and evenly distributed. Since the individual air bubbles are interchangeable, hit areas are refilled immediately. The outer shell is impermeable to air and thus ensures reliable protection with the “Avantgarde”. The forehead was additionally reinforced again and also the ear area is secured with a middle bar. With the flexible rear middle section and the strong hook and loop fastener, the TOP TEN head protection can be perfectly adapted to your head shape.


Additional advantages

  • Innovative PUR-material
  • Smoothly sealed outer skin
  • Well thought-out ventilation system
  • Hook and loop closure for customization
  • Available in different colors and sizes
Color - White
SKU: 4066-1003